Resources - Sermons

Resources - Sermons

where does God live - RP Steiner 16 July 2017

scripture reading: Luke 17:20-21
preacher: Robert Steiner
theme: Where does God live? On turning texts and bodies.

Also attached a slide show with the various Sufi quotes used in the sermon.

Prayer Book Launch and Psalm 139 - Helen Hacksley, Suellen Shay, and Robert Steiner 9 July 2017

The first recording is on the launch of Suellen's book of prayers, edited and published by Helen.
Copies of the book are available in our church office.

The second recording is a reflection on Psalm 139 by Robert:
'to you both dark and light are one'


loving oneself - RP Steiner 2 July 2017

scripture reading: Matthew 22:34-40
preacher: Robert Steiner

theme: on vanity and finding the right balance

inspired by a presentation of Robert Schurz, 
titled 'Nur wer sich selbst liebt, kann andere lieben.'

swords to plowshares - RP Steiner 18th June 2017

scripture reading: Micah 4:1-5
preacher: Robert Steiner

theme: Micah's vision - swords to plowshares

a crisis of unlearning - RP Steiner 11th June 2017

scripture reading: Acts 11:1-19
preacher: Robert Steiner

theme: a crisis of unlearning - Peter's vision on the roof

vulnerability and resistance - RP Steiner 4 June 2017

scripture reading: Acts 2:42-47
preacher: Robert Steiner
theme: Pentecost - mobilizing vulnerability

Also attached: Slides for quotes and exhibition on 'vulnerability' by Abdalla al-Omari

presence and absence (Ascension) - RP Steiner 28 May 2017

scripture reading: Acts 1:1-14
preacher: Robert Steiner
theme: presence and absence (Ascension)

The sermon ended with viewing 'Fix me Jesus' performed by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater:

at the Jordan - RP Steiner 21 May 2017

scripture reading: Mark 1:9-11
preacher: Robert Steiner
theme: at the edge of the wilderness

the beauty of language - RP Steiner 14 May 2017

scripture reading: Matthew 13:31-34
preacher: Robert Steiner
theme: the beauty of language and the parable of the sourdough

on being light - RP Steiner 7 May 2017

scripture reading: John 8:12-20
preacher: Robert Steiner
theme: on being light