Resources - Reflections

Resources - Reflections

The Caesar by Lyn Holness

The young woman came into the hospital, heavily pregnant. Her labour had begun and she was about to give birth. The new life that over the months had been growing in her was about to make its appearance.

Sacred Messages by Carolyn Butler

I don’t know how you maintain any kind of spiritual balance during the Advent season while shopping at Fruit and Veg City, with Bing Crosby’s ‘I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas’ reverberating through the building, or struggling through the crowds in the malls punctuated with plastic reindeer and snowmen.

Returning the Angels Song by Andrew Hartnack

One of my family’s Christmas traditions, on the typically hot and humid afternoon of Christmas Eve, has always been to gather in the kitchen of our home in Harare and help to prepare the feast for the next day. Mountains of potatoes and butternuts are peeled, chickens are stuffed, Christmas pudding mixture is made up and mince pies are painstakingly crafted. The cat winds his way expectantly around everyone’s legs.

Light Within by Jimmy Baigrie

Nativity and Crucifixion are stained in glass against every sky in the world. Not once, not a hundred times, but in churches, shrines and cathedrals by the thousand. Are there any scenes in history better known?

Light from Light by Jimmy Baigrie

This week’s sunshine brought new morning life to our RUC stained-glass windows, the sun beaming leaf-dance shadows from our Garden of Remembrance across the pews in vivid technicolour.

Stained-glass windows have always captivated me, drawn me since childhood into their secret world of lead-webbed kaleidoscopic blues, reds, whites, greens, yellows and all the other in-between colours of every hue.

Hope in Transit by Lynne Pretorius

I was really challenged when I was asked to write a piece on the intersection of faith and work under the broad theme of ‘God in the unexpected’ or ‘Hope against hope’. I genuinely struggle to make sense out of what I do and what I am hoping to achieve as I am sometimes overwhelmed by a sense of futility when it comes to transport.

Sacred and Secular Spaces in Khayelitsha by Michael Krause

The township ‘New Home’ (Khayelitsha) lies about 40 kilometres out of Cape Town. It was started by bulldozing and grading the dune landscape with the purpose of housing the growing black population around Cape Town in the middle of the eighties.

Taken, Blessed, Broken, Given by Selina Palm

I grew up in a ‘High Anglican’ church where the Eucharist was the main event of the service with smells, bells and dramatic intoning. As a child, this was exciting but also mystifying. As an adult, I’ve moved into denominations that practise and understand communion differently, but I often fail to find meaning and freshness in the ritual. The traditional story of substitutionary sacrifice, whilst resonating with many, often seems a long way away from the realities of my own daily life. 

Creating Beautiful Places by Rhoda Kadalie

The New Year started on an inspiring note with the opening of the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls, fortuitously close to our post-mortem on the matric results. That the matric results were a tad worse than last year has very little to do with Minister Pandor’s capabilities but everything to do with the parlous state our nation is in currently.