Resources - Reflections

Resources - Reflections

Silenced Voices by Laurie Gaum

Archbishop-emeritus Desmond Tutu has recently again proved his prophetic stance and integrity by giving an unequivocally clear message about homophobia in Africa. In an opinion piece to the Washington Post the stalwart human-rights champion said that such ‘hate has no place in the house of God’.

The Gay Issue: A Personal Reflection by Peter Krummeck

On 29 April 2010 a brave anthology of South African gay writing was launched in Cape Town and, subsequently, across South Africa. Within a month, the first edition had sold out. I was the only contributor who submitted work to ‘Yes I am!’ * on the principle that I reject gender definition. I am not ‘gay’ or ‘straight’ or ‘bi-sexual’. I am simply Peter. It was important for me to make this point because it is often more difficult to be who one is than to conform.

Selling Sex by Selina Palm

We live in a highly commoditised society. And yet despite the rules of the market prevailing as a matter of course over so many aspects of our life, most of us believe that there are some things that morally should not be for sale. To sell one’s kidney, for example, is seen as a sign of desperation; to sell one’s child a sign of inhumanity.

Creative Parenting by Philomène Luyindula

It has been said that it is not what our children see or experience that affects them but how they are helped to process it by the adults around them. (By ‘our children’ read anyone under the age of 18 that you are in some way responsible for.

Images of Christ in Italy by Judy Cooke

This May, Julian and I had the great treat of spending three weeks in Italy, and experiencing the mind-blowing richness of art and architecture that flowered there during the Renaissance. We rejoiced in the historic town centres, free of the fumes and noise of cars, where we could stroll and sit and feel part of a society that knows how to live well in an urban setting, a lesson we need so badly to learn here.

Autumn Smoke by Andrew Hartnack

If You Don't Stay Bitter for Too Long
by Charles Mungoshi

If you don’t stay bitter
and angry for too long
you might finally salvage
something useful
from the old country

a lazy half-asleep summer afternoon
for instance, with the whoof-whoof
of grazing cattle in your ears
tails swishing, flicking flies away
or the smell of newly-turned soil
with birds hopping about
in the wake of the plough
in search of worms

Guava Moments by Olwyn Garratt

One day I took a small step out of my daily routine, and for the next 30 years I remembered that moment as a kind of victory, and an album into which I could paste memories of other triumphant moments, an album which I came to call ‘guava moments’.
My first guava moment came when I was in the garden at our rented home in Margate, on the KZN south coast. Su (nine months old) was in the pushchair and I was hanging washing when a tantalising fragrance drifted across.

The Florist Angel by Fiona McLennan

My mother used the same florist for much of her life – a shop that was initially up the road at Silwood centre, and then moved further and further away from Rondebosch as rents increased, finally ending in Tokai. But she continued to use them to send flowers on special occasions to her friends and family. Every year, once I moved out of home, I received a beautiful bouquet on my birthday, and once I started hosting Christmas I would receive a lovely table centrepiece of flowers in Christmas colours with candles, every year.

Whispering Campaign by Rhoda Kadalie

Imagine sitting in your home in Rondebosch and a marauding mass of people charge down Sandown Road with weapons demanding that you leave your home or job because you are Italian or British or Portuguese. Imagine you are married to someone from another group and you are constantly told by your neighbour that you are stealing ‘their women’, stealing ‘their jobs’ simply because you are foreign and hard-working?

The Universe in Lent by Jimmy Baigrie

So now we know. A mere 40 years ago, however, we didn’t. For a Cosmology I student in 1964 (and there weren’t many around!), the origins of the universe and of our solar system were surrounded by speculations which lacked demonstrable proofs.