Resources - Environment

Resources - Environment

Celebrate World Environmental Day 2013

The A Rocha environmental group at Rosebank Methodist Church has been very supportive of our Creation Care group at Rondebosch United Church, which has been working for almost a year now (kickstarted around World Environment Day 2012).

Princessvlei Walk and Talk

Are you confused or concerned about plans to build a mall on the edge of the Princess Vlei or do you want to know what the fuss is about? Here is your chance:

Movie: Do the Math

Things are hotting up: A week ago, CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere reached 400 parts per million – last experienced several million years ago.

Rather ironically, Bill McKibben of today launched a short film – Doing the Math – which charts the organisation’s ’endgame’ strategy to stop the reckless behaviour of the fossil fuel industry. More information about the movie at

A Carbon Fast For Lent

SAFCEI provides this link from the Anglican Church, which is a practical guide to a "creation conscious" Lenten experience. 

Call to Action by Evangelical Christians

 The Lausanne Movement, in collaboration with the World Evangelical Alliance, issued its Call to Action following its Global Consultation on “Creation Care and the Gospel”™. The Call to Action is directed toward the global evangelical community. We give thanks that this branch of Christendom is hearing God’s call to care for creation. The consultation, held in Jamaica in November 2012, concluded:

National and international envonmentally focused days for 2013

If you are planning an environmental initiative, you may find these national and international dates useful, to access resources, mobilize people, and be part of a global community.
2 February                     World Wetlands Day

RUC responds to environmental issues through creative care

Well, the world did not end on 21 December 2012, but the world, as we know it, is ending all the time.  Climate change, extinction of species, habitat destruction, <

Olive theology - Steve de Gruchy

The First Steve de Gruchy Memorial Lecture
Poem: "When I think Olive" by Isobel de Gruchy
Lecture: "God is God's worst enemy" by Archbishop-emeritus Desmond Tutu
Paper: "An Olive Agenda" by Steve de Gruchy

Dreaming of a Green Christmas by James Irlam

For many in our society, Christmas is merely a season of rampant consumerism, which has dire consequences for the environment. Here are some ideas then for making our gift to the earth this Christmas a commitment to abandon throwaway attitudes:

• Buy or make durable gifts, without disposable parts or batteries.