Resources - Environment

Resources - Environment

Climate Change - Brutal Logic RUC 2014

Please refer to the presentation on climate change

MESSAGE: Open Lecture: Charles Eisenstein SACRED ECONOMICS

Charles Eisenstein, in his book Sacred Economics, calls for a transfor-mation (rather than a revolution) of our economic system to one which is just, inclusive, personal, bond-creating, sustainable and non-accumulative. Central to this is the understanding that we are an inte-gral part of the web of life. Human well-being is dependent on the well-being of the planet.

Contact Information: Friends of the Liesbeek

Ever wanted to report illegal dumping or other issues related to the Liesbeek river?
Contact Friends of the Liesbeek: Kevin Winter on 021 650 2875 or 

World Environment Day (WED) - 5 June 2014

World environment day (WED) is a collaborative event held throughout the world. Although held yearly, the aim is to raise continuous awareness for our environment internationally.
This year WED is to be hosted in Barbados, a small Carribean island rising through the ranks due to its solar energy initiatives and committment to becoming a green economy.
WED is celebrated through many activities world-wide including festivals, photography competitions and fashion shows with clothes made from recycable goods.

Message regarding The International Day for Biological Diversity

The United Nations has proclaimed May 22 2014 as “The International Day for Biological Diversity (IDB)” aimed at increasing awareness of biodiversity issues

22 May 2013

Key environmental links

Here are some links that can help you keep informed of environmental initiatives and general information:
"Through collaboration, networking, research and action, SAFCEI seeks to:

World Health Day

7 April 2014 has been nominated as World Health day by the World Health Organisation.

This year, focus on diseases that can cause serious illness and death have been brought into the spotlight. These are termed vector-borne diseases with the main agents being mosquitoes, flies, ticks, bugs and freshwater snails. These diseases are preventable, but sadly still affect millions of people in the poorer regions of the world. However, these diseases are also spread through travel, trade and migration, thus making approximately half the world’s population susceptable.

The month of March 2014: water wise

The month of March is dedicated to thinking about how we consume and preserve our precious water resources. As communities expand and the demand for fresh water increases, we as concerned Christians and citizens of our communities should think about how to raise awareness regarding water conservation. As everyone knows, water is a resource that is valuable to the continance of life. We can really only survive a few days without fresh water!

Interesting water facts about Cape Town:

Church Environmental Audit 2013

  The Creation Care Working Group used World Environment Day in June 2013 to conduct a broad-ranging environmental audit of the church.  One member of the group actually designed the audit, drawing partly on the audit carried out in her local school, but also drawing on the Presbyterian Church and A Rocha examples.