Resources - Confessions of faith

Resources - Confessions of faith

The People's Creed by Canaan Banana

I believe in a colour blind God,
Maker of technicolour people,
Who created the universe
And provided abundant resources
For equitable distribution among all his people. 

Against All Confusion

Against all confusion, despair, disease, wickedness, and desolation,
we believe in you, God of grace and glory.
We believe in your purpose for us,
     persisting and making sense of all our days.
We believe in your providence,
     preceding and succeeding all pain and misfortune.
We believe in your saving grace,
     forgiving our sins and delivering us from evil.
We believe in your friendship,

Source of Our Being by Janet Morley

O God, the source of our being
and the goal of all our longing,
we believe and trust in you.
The whole earth is alive with your glory,
and all that has life is sustained by you.
We commit ourselves to cherish your world,
and to seek your face.

O God, embodied in a human life,
we believe and trust in you.
Jesus our brother, born of the woman Mary,
you confronted the proud and the powerful,
and welcomed as your friends
those of no account.

In God I Believe and Place My Trust

In God I believe and place my trust.
I believe in the Holy Friend,
whose name is unspeakable yet whose peace is ineffable,
who can never be found by our efforts yet is always here for us, 

whose wisdom is unsearchable yet whose care is accessible,
who is jealous of our well being yet respects our free will,

whose glory is unspeakable yet whose meekness is knowable,
who knows all our names and bears our joys, sins and sorrows,

whose Spirit is indomitable and whose Christ is most lovable,

Commitment: A Creed

We are committed to believing,
to a trusting that is not grounded in ourselves
but in the undergirding, untiring providence of God.
We are committed to loving,
to a treasuring of others that is not powered by our fickle affections
but on God’s covenant love.
We are committed to hoping,
to a reaching towards that light which does not stem from our human know-how
but from God’s beauty.
Because of the life, death and resurrection of Christ Jesus,

I Believe in a God Who Remains

I believe in God who treasures and nurtures us,
who yearns over the fate of each one as if they were all,
and who turns loss to gain and defeat to victory.

I Believe by Bruce Prewer

I believe in Jesus of Nazareth, Child of Humanity, Child of God.
I believe in a Baby who was small and helpless, dependent on Mary and Joseph, nurtured on human milk and affection.
I believe he had to move from fledgling consciousness along the slow, steep curve of learning, that is common to us all.
I believe in a Child who kept his soul always ready for the Spirit, and his heart open to the needs of those around him, and who grew in wisdom and unequalled love.