Adonis Musati Project

Adonis Musati Project

The Adonis Musati Project was named after a young Zimbabwean who died of starvation on the streets of Cape Town whilst waiting to get his asylum papers. Formed in 2007 and run by volunteers, the Adonis Musati Project exists to assist refugees who face a similar plight in Cape Town, by distributing donated food, second-hand clothing, toiletries, blankets and sleeping bags. Volunteers also distribute carefully researched information brochures that outline where else refugees may seek assistance for legal difficulties, jobs, training etc. Where possible, the Project assists the most needy with short-term accommodation. They also help refugees start their own businesses, such as hairdressing, sewing, painting.

The organisation helps refugees to compile, type and print their CVs, and has also given financial assistance to many for training in security, hospitality, sea faring, computer skills and driving skills, as well as for initial job + training needs such as safety boots, work overalls, registration and admin fees, books and manuals, medicals.

When resources are available, volunteers also provide food and blankets to the 60-100 people who sleep outside under the bridges in the CBD every day, many of them highly skilled individuals. 

In September 2009 a refugee shelter called Musati House was opened in Kommetjie. The home is run by house parents and accommodates 16 children and young people, many of them unaccompanied minors and orphans from Zimbabwe that we have found living on the streets of Cape Town. Their goal is to increase the size of the premises in the near future to be able to assist the many young orphans, widows, HIV-positive mothers and disabled refugees that need help. Apart from the house parents, the Project employs a registered social worker (sponsored by a private donor). 

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