Building community - Sunday school

Building community - Sunday school

We strive to offer our children a safe space in which to discover and cherish their spiritual roots. We hope to nurture a faith characterised by trust, without fear, and a spirit of respect for difference. Thanks to a committed group of skilled, caring teachers, each year we explore key bible stories through art, drama, games and story-telling.

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The Holy Circus in Dialogue by Daniel Adams

‘So often when people say they are ready to dialogue, they mean that they are ready to talk. But dialogue involves listening as much as telling.’ (Thomas Groome)


The Holy Circus and the role of Playfulness by Daniel Adams

‘Entering the circus we step back into a world ruled by enchantment – where magic existed before morality, wonder before worship, pleasure before piety, and amazement before practicality’
(Sam Keen in Learning to Fly).
[sulpture by Paul Manship]          

Gifts that Last by Philomène Luyindula

At Sunday school in 2008, we explored the parable of the talents, where Jesus speaks of three people who are given different talents. He describes what they do with them and ends with the consequences of their choice.
In class we explored the value of qualities. The littlest children were able to say: I am at good smiling, I am good at drawing, I am good at running ...

Fear and Courage by Philomène Luyindula

While adults deepened their spirituality during Lent, children had the difficult task of learning about and discussing fear and courage. Children aged 9-11 and 12-14 had Judy Cooke and Rob Robertson teaching them (for the first time in a long time).