Building community - Pastoral

Building community - Pastoral

Our pastoral ministry includes a dedicated prayer chain, regular visitations, counselling sessions by appointment and workshops.

For those who would like to attend retreats or enrol for listening workshops we recommend the Centre for Christian Spirituality.

Pastoral Therapy with Peter Fox and Marius Brand

Meet Peter Fox and Marius Brand who have their pastoral therapy practice at Rondebosch United Church since May 2013

Contemplative Prayer by Mimi Saayman

Gordon Cosby writes: ‘At the place of "central" silence, one’s own life and spirit are united with the life and Spirit of God. There the fire of God’s presence is experienced. The soul is immersed in love’ (from Search For Silence by Elizabeth O’Connor).

Held in Community by Shaan Ellinghouse and Judy Cooke

The prayer chain came into being during the ministry of Douglas Bax, to support and uphold members of the church facing problems or crises. Betty, his wife, initially took all the calls or requests, and these were relayed telephonically between those members who formed the ‘chain’. When Douglas retired, Betty felt the need to step down, and Shaan took over. The ‘chain’ now consists of nine members, and we meet once a month in order to update and coordinate our schedule of requests, which have grown considerably, and are not confined to church members.

Praying and Saying Goodbye by Suellen Shay

In October 2007 for three consecutive Thursdays a small group of approximately twelve of us came together, led by Robert Steiner, to acknowledge our grief and experiences of loss. We found comfort and healing in the candle-lit darkness of the church, in the soft music, in the prayers of the Psalmist, in the stories from Job and the Gospels. We discovered in our own scriptures – the Psalms in particular – the richest resources for saying and praying our goodbyes, for articulating to God our sense of loss, grief and anger.