Building community - Members in action

Building community - Members in action

Read more about projects run by various members of our community.

Aromatherapy at Red Cross and Sarah Fox - Fiona McLennan

Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital is a vital institution in Africa. Over eight years ago, Prof Heinz Rode in the Burns Unit asked for an aromatherapist to come and work there. Since then, there has been an aromatherapy programme at Red Cross. Linda-Anne O’Flaherty has been the mainstay of that, and it is thanks to her that aromatherapists are now recognised as part of the Pain Management team and taken seriously in the work that they do.

Spiritual Care at Hospice - Peter Fox

Rev Peter Fox - since 2013 an associate minister of RUC - has 'retired' from his supervisory role of the spiritual care team at St Lukes Hospice. He will continue to support the spiritual work as Hospice Educator/Counsellor. Below is a brief summary of his past responsiblities at St Luke's Hospice.

Ingrid le Roux - Philani Project

The Philani Project was established by RUC member Ingrid le Roux in the ‘illegal’ squatter community of Crossroads in 1979 to provide basic child health and nutrition services to a community ignored and neglected by the health authorities of the time. Philani developed out of a Shawco mobile paediatric clinic operated by medical students.

Peter Krummeck - Bonhoeffer Play

The performances I gave of my one-man play Bonhoeffer in Canada and the United States were sometimes followed by Q&A sessions. I liked these on one level and dreaded them on another.

Michael Krause - Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading

The Harare Community Park was opened in Cape Town on 23 May 2009 as part of the programme Violence Prevention through Urban Upgrading (VPUU) to improve the quality of life and recreational opportunities of the residents of Harare. VPUU, lead by Michael Krause, aims to increase the safety of residents, strengthen measures to reduce crime and violence, upgrade low-income neighbourhoods and provide social and commercial services.

Samantha Donald - Sive Nathi

Sive Nathi is a home for severely and profoundly physically and/or mentally disabled children. The home was originally started by a domestic worker from Khayelitsha in 1997. Since then she has given a home to disabled children whose parents have died, no longer want their sick children or simply cannot cope with their disabilities. The home grew from a couple of children to 42 in just a few years.

Russell Davies - Hope HIV

I am privileged to work for a UK-based organisation with the rather paradoxical title – HOPEHIV. HOPEHIV ( raises funds and disburses them to a wide range of community-based organisations throughout sub-Saharan Africa who work with children and young people orphaned or affected by HIV/Aids.