Building community - Marimbas

Building community - Marimbas

Our marimba band perform during worship services and are available for weddings and other functions. To hire the band please contact the church office.

First Marimba Band CD

RUC's senior marimba band released their first CD in time for Christmas 2009. A fantastic mix of 10 songs they regularly perform in church, this CD makes a great gift and can be purchased from the church office at R30 per copy. You can download a sample track off the CD here.

Marimbas by Julian Cooke

Listen to the rain of the music
that drums on the leaves of the forest
and on feathers of parrots and ducks,
and spatters the skins of lizards
and snakes, and tattoos the pools
with a myriad of sequins of light,
how it palpitates, patters and pats
on our eyelids and lashes and lips,
splashes on our cheeks and fingertips.
Listen to the colours of sounds
from the quivering hands, how they mingle
in rainbows of amethyst, emerald,
malachite, gold, and swirl
among the beams and rafters, and gust